Trust in yourself and your goals.

I can’t believe it but I could and I want to do it so much now that I can feel it, taste it, sense it, and actually see it and importantly reached it in a few more effort I can reach my results and my goals for the big reward or rewards.

Now I want to break per week Bangkok record for sales works. I want to let people listen to my stories about helping child orphanage in Thailand to help these child’s who don’t have the same opportunities we have. With my efforts to talk to people to reach out will give me big rewards I never though I could achieve. The reality is that I can achieve it, I can make it happen, I can reach to the summit and new goals as well with focus, determination, positive thinking, and confidence. Don’t lose it.

By saying so much what I want is to break per week Bangkok points. I have is 15.55 points I need to reach 21 points, which I need in 2 days. So I need it 5.45 points is two days or tomorrow I can achieve it and last day is bonus days. By reaching my target my first rewards is to big Bangkok per week points, second achieve is green zone, my trainer gets one week more to achieve Team Leader promotion, my other colleagues get to be promoted too. Big rewards coming after achieving and trusting your focus your goals with confidence and efforts. Sorry grammatical mistakes, but I’m nervous, my heart is pumping and I want it badly, so badly. I am going to do it, go on the bulletin too for my workplace as well another reward, so let’s achieve it. Efforts and more efforts with new attitude and positive thinking . GO FOR IT

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